About Us


About Us

the digital professional approach

Digital Professional is your digital marketing partner. We take an education first approach to navigate the digital world and build your digital capability through our training courses.

Our approach has 3 components:

We have built instructor led and online training modules across multiple digital disciplines. All of these courses are designed to provide you with a sound understanding of the fundamentals and upgrade your expertise to a professional level.

On many projects, we partner with our clients to guide them through planning and implementation. We call these digital project partnerships. Our training strengthens your digital understanding, enabling you to professionally plan your campaigns, utilising your deep knowledge of your own business and specific market. We assess your plan, iterate it and implement it together.

No project is complete until we have worked with you on evaluation and measurement. We examine good reporting together for actionable insights.The fundamentals of most digital marketing disciplines are not difficult to master. We have found that many digital agencies mystify the skills needed to reach digital leadership to improve their value proposition in your eyes.

In many cases, the proposition to build your own skills or an inhouse digital capability in partnership with an agency that trains you is a better one!

Our training develops skills across many digital marketing disciplines including SEM, SEO, site analytics, email marketing, display advertising, remarketing, social media optimisation and more.

Our consulting services focus on a few areas including digital transformation and data driven decision making, sales operations, sales funnels and CRM and e-commerce consulting.


Digital Professional is an education first digital agency. We implement digital campaigns in partnership with you.

our story

Our Founder, is an education professional with over 20 years experience in digital marketing. Matt produced his first series of websites in 1997 and went on to found a private training organisation called Performance Education in 2006 and an online travel business Habitat Travel in 2014.

He has overseen digital builds, lead management, sales cycle and CRM projects for all these organisations. More specifically he has managed or overseen SEM, SEO, email marketing and analytics for these organisations.

He founded Digital Professional from a desire to simplify digital marketing for students and professionals. Many of the skills within this discipline are easy to master with the right training and mentor, but they are too often mystified by agencies hoping to build their own value proposition.

Data Team

All of our programs can be taken online or with the assistance of an instructor